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Concrete Power Screed For Sale

Concrete power screed is also called vibration concrete screed. It is very light in weight and simple in structure, which makes it easy to carry and transport. The vibration concrete screed is one of the most commonly used machines for leveling concrete floors. It use the engine to drive the eccentric block rotating at a high speed, which in turn drives the aluminium screed to vibrate at a high frequency to compact the concrete. Compared with the traditional manual screed, it has higher efficiency and better vibration effect.

TUBU Power Screed Products

TB-5000 Concrete Battery Power Screed

Product Features

1. TB5000 Battery power screed is equipped with a 5000 rpm high performance vibration motor with 100kg of vibration force, providing excellent levelling effect.
2. The machine is equipped with two 48,000 mAh high-performance lithium batteries, a single battery can meet the general intensity of all-day construction.
3. The machine is equipped with a speed adjustment knob, which can precisely adjust the speed of the vibration motor, thereby accurately changing the vibration force of the machine and meeting the vibration requirements under any working conditions.
4. The machine is driven by pure electricity without any exhaust emissions. It is also 80% quieter than a petrol engine and can be used for all concrete levelling projects including indoor floors.
5. TB5000 Battery power screed structure is simpler and the failure rate is extremely low. The machine’s lithium battery interface is the same as the Makita power tool lithium battery, and it is equipped with a high-performance voltage regulator. Both 12v-36v batteries can easily drive the machine.
6. The machine is designed according to ergonomic principles, making the operation easier. The upper handle of the machine is convenient for moving and handling during construction and transportation.

QY-100 Power Screed

Product Features

The QY-100 Power Screed is a new type of petrol power screed machine developed by our company. Compared to other types of petrol power screed it has a short shaft connection, which results in a lower failure rate and better power transmission. The engine of the machine is placed horizontally. Compared with most of the power screed of the vertically placed engine, its fuel inlet direction is upwards and it is not necessary to put the machine down when refueling. The starting rope of the machine is upwards when starting, which makes it easier to start.


  • May I buy your machine in different country?

  • Yes, We welcome customers from all over the world to purchase our products, and our power screed can be shipped worldwide by air or sea.

  • How many days will I receive the power screed if I purchase it?
  • If your purchase is not very large, we will choose international express (DHL or FedEx) for your delivery, and you can normally receive the machine in 7-10 working days.

  • The voltage in our country is 110v/220v/230v, does your power screed use this voltage for charging?
  • Our power screed uses a universal charger, which is suitable for voltages from 100V to 240V, and can be used at any voltage within this range.

  • What is the after-sales service for purchasing your products?

  • First of all we carefully test our products before delivery to ensure that the quality you receive is of the highest quality. We will also provide you with a free six-month warranty, during which we will assist you in solving any non-human-made faults and provide you with the necessary parts for repairs free of charge. After six months we will also provide you with a lifetime cost-only after-sales service.

power screed for sale


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