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vibrating concrete screed for sale

Concrete Power Screed For Sale

Tubu machinery supply high quality power screed to concrete contractors worldwide. All screed machines are equipped with Honda engines and screed blades can be supplied in various sizes.


vibra screed for sale

VB301 Honda Vibra Screed

finishing screed for sale

VB303 Concrete Finishing Screed

Do You Know Power Screed?

The concrete screeding process has an important influence on the structure and quality of the construction. A vibrating power screed is a kind of equipment used for screeding concrete and improving construction quality.

Vibrating concrete is designed to get the job done quickly and efficiently. The traditional hand-screed method requires a lot of time and manpower, and now this work can be done easily with a power screed. It could save 75% working time, and high reliability.

Tubu power screed futures:

  • Original honda gx35 engine
  • Strong, smooth machine body, simple maintenance
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Comfortable operation design reduces fatigue
  • Easy operation, a new user can be easy to use
  • Magnesium aluminum alloy blade, durable, high flatness.
  • Seven blade lengths are available and can be customized as required
  • Design is simple and quick replacement blades
  • 7000 vpm high-frequency vibration disperses the levels and concrete without the build-up.
  • Adjustable handle, a pedal switch installed, easy to control
  • When not in use, the support bracket makes hold easy.
  • Honda engines offer 3 years warranty, and the quality is reliable.

Concrete power screed is also called vibrating concrete screed. It is very light in weight and simple in structure, which makes it easy to carry and transport. The vibration concrete screed is one of the most commonly used machines for leveling concrete floors. It use the engine to drive the eccentric block rotating at a high speed, which in turn drives the aluminium screed to vibrate at a high frequency to compact the concrete. Compared with the traditional manual screed, it has higher efficiency and better vibration effect.

How Does It Work?

The power screed’s engine drives the eccentric block through the drive shaft to generate vibration force and transmit it to the screed board. The vibrating board contacts the concrete pavement and serves to vibrate, level, and compact. The vibrating plate vibrates out the air in the concrete and scrapes the concrete surface to make it more compact. During construction, the screed only needs to be moved backward along the formwork and doesn’t need to be moved laterally.

Power screed can not only improve construction efficiency but also guarantee surface quality. When concrete is poured into the formwork to create a horizontal surface, air bubbles and excess water are trapped in the concrete. Vibrations remove air bubbles and water, ensuring a strong surface when the concrete dries. Power screed is a commonly used concrete vibrator with an effective depth up to 20 cm.

The vibrating screed blade is in contact with the concrete surface. It must be corrosion-resistant and lightweight. The hiking manufacturing material is magnesium and aluminum alloy. The blade is detachable and is available in different models.

How To Use It?

Using a power screed to finish the leveling of concrete, you only need the following steps:

  1. Before you use vibra screed, you should have laid the concrete to a thickness and level surface.
  2. Start the vibra screed to ensure the machine is in working condition.
  3. Make sure the handle is set in the correct position. This means you can use them comfortably. The angle can be easily adjusted.
  4. Set the throttle of the vibrating screed to about 1/4 to 3/4. The top blade of the vibrating screed should be slightly away from the concrete when you adjust the throttle. The blade may dip into the concrete when you adjust the throttle.
  5. While using a power screed, pull it back steadily, slowly, and at a uniform speed.
  6. Keep watching. If concrete vibra screed leaves the concrete surface, a hump or depression may form in the concrete.

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