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vibrating concrete screed for sale

Vibrating Concrete Screed For Sale

Tubu machinery supply high quality power screed to concrete contractors worldwide. All screed machines are equipped with Honda engines and screed blades can be supplied in various sizes.


vibra screed for sale

VB301 Honda Vibra Screed

finishing screed for sale

VB303 Concrete Finishing Screed

Concrete power screed is also called vibrating concrete screed. It is very light in weight and simple in structure, which makes it easy to carry and transport. The vibration concrete screed is one of the most commonly used machines for leveling concrete floors. It use the engine to drive the eccentric block rotating at a high speed, which in turn drives the aluminium screed to vibrate at a high frequency to compact the concrete. Compared with the traditional manual screed, it has higher efficiency and better vibration effect.

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