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concrete truss screed for sale

Concrete Truss Screed For Sale

Concrete truss screed is a common concrete leveling equipment, This machine can be freely combined with standard sections according to the levelling width required, up to a maximum levelling width of 16 metres. The vibration force of it is much higher than other type concrete leveling machine. And it also could level the double side slope, widely used in various concrete road construction applications.

TUBU Truss Screed Products

1. zdk-200 Truss screed can be spliced with standard sections of 1 or 2 metres, depending on the need, up to a maximum of 16 metres.
2. The machine is adjustable in the middle angle (±10°) and can level arch-shaped, double-sloped concrete pavements.
3. The machine is equipped with a high quality B&G engine with high speed and high vibration power.
4. Available in steel and aluminium versions, the aluminium version is lighter in weight and easier to transport.
5. Equipped with a high quality winch for ease of use and labour saving.


  • May I buy your truss screed machine in different country?

  • Yes, We welcome customers from all over the world to purchase our products, and our roller screed can be shipped worldwide by sea.

  • How many days will I receive the power screed if I purchase it?

  • Due to the large size of the truss screed we are currently only able to transport the machinery by sea, the transit time to each country varies, please contact our sales manager for details.

  • What is the after-sales service for purchasing your products?

  • First of all we carefully test our products before delivery to ensure that the quality you receive is of the highest quality. We will also provide you with a free six-month warranty, during which we will assist you in solving any non-human-made faults and provide you with the necessary parts for repairs free of charge. After six months we will also provide you with a lifetime cost-only after-sales service.

  • Which one should I choose between aluminum alloy and steel?

  • We have two different truss screed (magnesium-aluminum alloy type and steel type), and they are both of very good quality. The difference is that magnesium-aluminum alloy type is lighter in weight, easy to transport, and has better corrosion resistance.



If you have questions, please sent a message to us, we will reply to you in 24h.


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