Large area concrete floor construction method

  1. To prevent the floor from bulging, the surface of the bedding layer should be cleaned up to remove floating slurry and oil stains; the substrate should be moistened with water.
  2. The floor concrete should be C30.
  3. The slump of the freshly cast concrete should be controlled between 10 and 300 px.
  4. The sediment content of the fresh concrete aggregate should be limited to 1% and the maximum aggregate size should be limited to 75px.
  5. The newly cast concrete should be pounded with power screed or with concrete roller screed, in the parts that cannot be compacted with roller, it can be shot with concrete hand float first, and then scraped and levelled with long hand screed, the level of the surface layer of the newly cast concrete should be controlled in time after pounding, and the deviation parts should be adjusted, the level of the surface layer of the newly cast concrete should be The levelness of the newly cast concrete surface should be controlled to within 3mm/3m.
  6. Excess water on the concrete surface should be removed in a timely manner, and the excess water can be sucked away with a leather tube or absorbed and transferred with a sponge.

Removal of floating slurry

The surface of freshly poured flooring has a large amount of floating slurry, which must be cleaned up during construction so as not to affect the quality of the flooring. After the concrete has set (i.e. after the initial setting period), the trowel with pan blade is used to evenly grind off the floating slurry layer on the concrete surface.

The large area floor surface finishing

At least twice during the construction, the power trowel is used to press and grind the ground. For columns, walls and other adjacent and corner parts, the hand concrete float can be used directly to press and grind the floor.

After completing the floor slurry construction, depending on the hardening of the concrete, when the surface of the floor is gradually without lustre, you can carry out the surface finishing construction, finishing at least three times to change the blade angle of the power trowel. power trowel running speed and blade angle changes should be adjusted accordingly depending on the hardening of the floor concrete. Adjust the blade angle once at the start of each finish to avoid damage to the flooring. The finishing is the final finishing operation of the flooring, so it is important to choose responsible and skilled personnel for the construction.

Parts that cannot be treated mechanically are calendered by hand with an iron trowel. The manual calendering should be carried out a little earlier than the mechanical work, and no sand holes or traces of calendering should be allowed to appear during the work, and the joints should be kept flat. To ensure the quality of the entire floor construction.

Maintenance of the large area flooring

The maintenance of the flooring is directly related to the flooring quality, especially when it is constructed in high temperature weather. In order to ensure the stable growth of the flooring concrete strength, the flooring can be maintained 5-6 hours after the construction is completed. The flooring can be maintained by applying a maintenance agent on its surface or directly with water or by covering it with a film, and the maintenance time of the flooring should generally be not less than 7 days.

During the maintenance period, the surface of the flooring should be protected from contamination by oil, mortar, dyes, corrosive liquids, etc. during the construction of other types of work, and the equipment that must pass through the surface of the flooring should be protected. It is strictly forbidden to carry weight and cross work on the flooring surface during the maintenance period.