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TB5000 Battery Power Screed


The TB5000 lithium battery power screed is one of our latest products. The machine is powered by a lithium battery with Makita power tool interface and is equiped with a 5000 rpm super powerful vibration motor which provides excellent compaction effect.

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The TB5000 lithium battery power screed uses a high performance 5000 rpm vibration motor, which is 40% more powerful than the current 3000 rpm motors on the market, and can achieve the same vibration effect as a petrol screed. The speed of the motor can be precisely adjusted to suit different types of concrete. The machine is equipped with two 48,000 mAh Makita type lithium batteries, one of which is usually enough for a day’s work. Compared to the petrol power screed, the TB5000 has a smoother and more even vibration force, is quieter (up to 80% quieter) and has no exhaust emissions, allowing it to be used in all kinds of concrete levelling projects, both indoors and outdoors.

power-screed-battery Vibration-motor-of-power-screed待售TB5000电池电源熨平板


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    Additional information

    Weight20 kg
    Dimensions100 × 50 × 40 cm
    Charging voltage


    Battery capacity

    48000 mAh x 2

    Working voltage


    Vibration frequency

    5000 RPM

    Screed width



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