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VB303 Concrete Finishing Screed (6ft)


VB303 Concrete Finishing Screed is powered by a Honda gx35 gasoline engine. High quality and long service life. It is the world’s first belt-driven power screed, with more vibration force and better handle damping. Professional construct equipment improves the flexibility and convenience of construction process. It only needs one person to operate and can save 75% manual leveling time. Equipped with adjustable handle, can adjust the height according to the operator’s habit, making the operation simple and saving labors.

The blade size: 4 ‘(1.2 m), 6’ (1.8 m), 8 ‘(2.4 m), 10’ (3.0 m), 12 ‘(3.7 m), 14’ (4.5 m), 16 ‘(4.9 m). Other sizes also can be customized according to construction requirements. VB303 is light in weight and small in size, which is convenient for the handling.  It has different width options to meet different work requirements.

After Sale: Honda Engine – 3 years (Please consult locally Honda for specific after-sales policies.) / Other parts – 1 year (Warranty Policy)

Shipping: Free shipping by sea (Please review our Shipping Policy before purchasing).



concrete finishing screed features

We Make Innovation Easier

To make screed work easier for you, we’ve redesigned power screed. VB303 adopts belt drive for better stability. Equipped with Honda engine, low failure rate. With triple shock absorption, offer you comfortable operating experience.

The body is strong, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, and low maintenance. It uses new technology, a heavy structure, and a lower failure rate. Leveling effect is perfect. The machine has a tripod for support when not in use. Whether you are a constructor or leasing company, using our company’s power screed can greatly improve work efficiency and quality, reducing work intensity and time cost.


Blade width1-6m Customizable
FuelUnleaded gasoline
Engine(Type)Honda GX35
Transmission modeBelt drives
Tank volume0.63L/0.17 Gallon
Full oill tank running time1.3h
Maximum vibration frequency7000VPM
Vibration<10 m/s2
Sound Power50 db
WarrantyEngine:3 year/Body 1 year


  • Equiped original Honda GX35 engine.
  • Machine frame is strong and smooth, and simple maintenance.
  • The world’s first belt-driven power screed, with more vibration force and better handle damping.
  • Heavy machinery, compaction effect is better.
  • Multiple damping, comfortable operation.
  • Comfortable operation design, reduce fatigue, a single operator can easily finish the work quickly.
  • 7 blade lengths available, and can be customized as required.
  • Quick replacement blades.
  • High-frequency vibration(7000vpm) disperses the concrete without the build-up.
  • When stopped, the support bracket can easily hold the machine.
  • 3-year warranty engine, the quality is reliable.

VB303 Concrete Finishing Screed makes concrete leveling easier and faster. vb303 work efficiency is four times that of traditional manual screed, greatly shortening the construction time. With mature and reliable technology, the concrete leveling effect is perfect. Vibrating Concrete Screed equipped with Honda GX35 gasoline engine, excellent power, reliable quality. Body weight 25kg, good compaction effect. A large vibration module increases the frequency of vibration. It could be flat wet concrete with slumps from 2 to 9 inches. Magnesium alloy blades are smoother and easier to clean than traditional flat plates. There are many blades to choose from, and the blade boards are also easy to replace. VB303 Concrete Finishing Screed is designed to be light in weight for easy handling. Suitable for single-operation concrete screeding work, simple operation.


If you have questions about vb301 honda power screed, please leave a contact in below, we will reply to you ASAP.


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