DG-200L Battery Roller Screed (Full Set)

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DG-200L Battery Roller Screed (Full Set)

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DG-200L lithium battery roller screed weighs only 15kg, which is convenient to carry and use. The machine is powered by a 36v lithium battery Makita right-angle drill, with long endurance and abundant power. It has a charging voltage range of 100-240v and can be used in most countries around the world.

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*The spin screed machine is not include the roller tube, because the roller tube is too long to be mailed, you need to buy it locally. The standard roller tube is a 114mm diameter aluminum or steel tube with a wall thickness of 3-3.5mm. If you use other diameter pipes, please inquiry us, we can also customize the right pipe plug for you according to your pipe type.

GD-200-Roller-screed-for-sale GD-200-Roller-screed-for-saleGD-200-Roller-screed-for-sale


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