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hiking roller striker for sale

Concrete Roller Screed / Roller Striker For Sale

TUBU Machinery provides concrete contractors worldwide with a variety of power of concrete roller striker (include electric type, petrol engine type, battery type and hydraulic powered type). Our price is 20%-50% lower than the same quality products on the market, and provide you with perfect customer service. In addition to choosing our roller striker tube, we can also customize the plug according to your localy steel pipe.


GPJ-300D Electric Type

gas power roller screed for sale

GPJ-300Y Petrol Type

battery roller screed for sale

DG200L Battery Type

hydraulic roller striker

GPJ-300H Hydraulic Type

hiking striker tubes

Roller Striker Tubes

connectable roller striker tubes

Connectable Tube System

Roller screed is also known asĀ concrete spin screed, roller strker. It can be used in a wide range of concrete levelling projects. The principle of the Roller screed is to use a drive unit to rotate the roller tube over the concrete surface to compact and smooth the concrete. The Roller screed relies on its own rotation to compact and level the concrete, which allows the aggregates to be evenly distributed around the concrete surface, resulting in a stronger concrete floor and better wear resistance. The operator pulls in the opposite direction to the rotation of the roller tube, making it ideal for concrete levelling work with slopes. It is also the best equipment for permeable floors/roads because it does not vibrate and does not compact the voids in the permeable concrete.

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