Do you need a roller striker to screed concrete? How does it compare to other types of screed machines? How to use it?

In this article, we will give you a comprehensive answer. Later in this article, we introduced roller striker sales and rental prices on the market.

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What Is It?

Roller striker is also known as roller screed. It can be used in many types of concrete leveling projects. The machine uses rotating striker tubes to repeatedly scratch the concrete, like manual leveling. It flattened the concrete slab out and brought a thicker concrete slurry to the surface to make the surface more durable.

The machines don’t have an excessive vibrating problem. The aggregate will be evenly divided in the concrete, and aggregate will not sink too much due to vibration, which helps to produce a stronger and more durable concrete slab.

It is suitable for wet concrete with a slump higher than 3″.

concrete roller striker


Better Effect

Instead of vibrating out the water in the concrete, roller screed uses repeated scraping to bring a thicker concrete grout to the surface. This thickened concrete slurry creates a denser concrete surface, which makes the concrete surface less prone to peeling and sand. Roller striker makes the aggregate in the concrete more evenly distributed, which makes it easy to get a strong concrete floor.

More Applications

In addition to leveling concrete slabs, it has a vast range of applications:

  1. Pervious concrete -roller screed does not have the problem of excessive vibration and will not affect its permeability by vibrating the void, so it is the best pervious concrete screed.
  2. Slope pouring – roller strikers are perfect for pouring concrete slopes. In addition to being easy to use, it doesn’t vibrate the concrete off the slope.
  3. Circular concrete slab pouring – Equipped with intermediate connectors, a concrete slab is the best circular pouring construction equipment.
  4. Concrete Ditches and Curbs – With special custom drums, you can use it to form a variety of curbs.

Reduce Labors Injuries

When using a roller striker, the operator tilts the body to drag the machine backward—no bending over to operate like vibrating power screed, which greatly reduces the workers’ waist injury.

roller striker on working

How To Use

To operate a roller striker, follow these guidelines:

For wet concrete with a slump of 5 inches or more, maintain a 1-2 inch surcharge and pull the screed over the concrete, then back over it again slowly.

Roller Striker Work For High Slump Concrete

For low-slump concrete with a slump of 3-4 inches, use the “bump and run” technique by gently bumping the screed forward a few inches, then retreating it. Repeat until you have advanced 6-8 feet, then pull the screed back over the freshly screeded concrete with the screed running.

Adjust your technique as needed to achieve the desired surface for floating.

With low-slump concrete, floating and finishing should be done immediately after screeding.

Roller Striker Work For Low Slump Concrete

Roller Striker Price [Buy & Hire]

There are four main types popular products on the market: electric, gasoline, battery, and hydraulic.

The hydraulic roller striker is strong-powered, but you must have a mobile hydraulic station. Hydraulic roller screed prices are generally £2,000 – £3,000, and mobile hydraulic station prices are £2,000 – £4,000. Packages cost between $4,000 and $7,000.

Battery types have good portability, but the battery life is generally short. Try to choose a longer-life battery when buying. This type of machine typically costs between £2,000 and £3,000.

Petrol powered roller striker is a good choice. Powerful and has good portability. The Honda engine has good quality and stability. Petrol roller screed prices vary widely. Good quality equipment is generally available for £2,000 – £3,000.

An electric type screed roller is cheaper, but its power is not very powerful, and the need to plug in has certain limitations. It typically sells for between £1,200 and £2,000.

roller striker rentals cost between £150 and £200 / day.


The roller striker is a versatile and effective machine for leveling and screeding concrete. Its ability to distribute aggregate evenly and create a denser, more durable surface makes it suitable for various applications, including pervious concrete, slope pouring, circular concrete slab pouring and forming ditches and curbs. It is also easier on the operator’s body, reducing the risk of injury from bending over. Later in the article we also told you about the price of the machines.