Thank you for purchasing our products. From the moment you buy our products, our service has just begun.

Cheap ≠ Low Quality

We know that most of the customers who buy our products travel a long way, so we keep a strict quality control to ensure that the machine will not break down during the warranty period.

Our products come directly from the factory to you, there is no middleman so the price is almost 50% cheaper compared to similar products.

All the parts of our products come from world-renowned suppliers to ensure quality. And we manufacture with care and strict quality control. All products are rigorously tested and carefully packaged to ensure that the machine you receive is perfect.

1 Year Free Warranty

Most of our products come with a one-year free after-sales service. If there are any quality problems during the year, we will send you free parts(by air) and guide you in fixing the machine.

Please Note: We do not offer free after-sales service for man-made faults. For free after-sales service, you will need to provide pictures or video to prove that there are no obvious signs of man-made damage to the appearance of the machine.

For Engine: Most of our machines are fitted with, Honda or B&S engines and are serviced by their local agents.

All-life Cost Warranty

For products beyond the warranty period, we provide you with a cost warranty. Only the relevant packages will be charged.


If you have questions about our products, please leave a contact in below, we will reply to you ASAP.